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forensic jobs???

  1. 0 i realize these jobs are far and few between... but where do i check to see if any are available in my area. do i just call to see if all the places that might have forensic nurses have any available?
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    I'm having a difficult time finding a job, too. I live in MA... we have 9 per diem Forensic Nurses that work at the M.E.'s office. Other than that, I've found nothing.
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    I thought you would be able to consult with lawyers and stuff for expert testimony ect.. What type of school did you all have for forensics? I am trying to get into that now and just wandered. You may also want to check with police stations ect for possible work as a forensic nurse. I would have thought that forensic nurses would be in such great demand with all the recent publicity. I read an article from the FBI about forensic nurses and a couple of them had started their own consulting firms, it's a thought.