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Costs of on-line programs

  1. 0 Has anyone compared for costs of the on-line programs? Is Kaplan comparable?
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    Your post is vague. Comparable to what??
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    I'm sorry I wan't clear. I meant is the cost of Kaplan comparable to other programs out there.
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    This I don't know. They don't give any info without you speaking directly to an "advisor." I am always sketchy of programs that don't publish their costs in pamphlets or on the internet. Makes you wonder if they are charging people different prices.......
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    I was able to download Kaplan's brochure off the website, which included the price. Unfortunately, other programs have not been as easily accessible
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    From everything I've been able to obtain on cost at several schools the Kaplan course is within a few hundred dollars of most of them. The University of California Riverside charges $3,400 Kaplan $3,350 and most of them are within this range.
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    Thank you for information. I appreciate it.