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Breaking the Ice

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    There may already be a thread for this, but I was reading an article about forensic nurses and it got me thinking..."What DO you say to victims of crime?" What are you supposed to say and how would one go about 'breaking the ice' with someone who has just gone through a sexual assault or abuse? Can anyone share any experience with this issue? Or any advice would be welcomed too... I'm just baffled as to how we can get someone to talk about what happened to them without further traumatizing them. Anyway, thanks for any responses!
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    We had this topic in our psych rotation. I believe after you have introduced yourself you should state something to the effect. " I know this must be a hard time for you, I'm here if you want to talk and not be alone. A little short in words, but I think thats what I would like to hear.
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    Thank you! I should have thought about introducing myself first... it makes sense.