anyone know if you can volunteer with SART?

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    i am a nursing student in my third quarter of my first year and am double majoring in psych. i have a big place in my heart for assault victims and was wondering if anyone knows if i can volunteer with SART. maybe just to be there to hold the patient's hand while getting a feel and information on the position?

    thanks if anyone knows.

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    hello, shock-me-sane,

    check with your local law enforcement department. they should be able to tell you if there is sane and/or sart availability.

    are you interested in forensics as a career?
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    thanks. i sent them an email so we'll see if they reply back to me.

    two days ago i wouldn't have said i am not interested in forensic nursing, but i think that it is going to be on my list now and may just kick psych nursing out of the way.
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    So, things changed for you in the past couple days?

    Forensics is a very very intriguing career choice.

    Good luck.

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