Wuesthoff, Brevard County

  1. Just got a job in PCU at Wuesthoff Rockledge. Anyone around that area?
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  3. by   Getting To Great
    Congrats, I personally don't work there but I did my clinicals there (Melbourne)...That is a great hospital. Great Luck!
  4. by   animal1953
    How did you get started with the application? I tried today and gave up in frustration. I couldn't get past selecting the facility to search jobs.
  5. by   nurseCPOE
    I just tried, and it seems there's a glitch when you try and select a facility. If you don't check any boxes, it will search all the facilities and I got it to pull the jobs up. Try that and good luck!
  6. by   animal1953
    Thanks, I'll give it a shot.
  7. by   delphine22
    Random question, I worked in Rockledge for a while, which unit is specifically PCU? Do you mean 2 South? PCU in Wuesthoff Melbourne is cardiac tele, so I figured it translated to 2 South, but no one seemed to know when I asked.