Which Semester FSCJ

  1. My husband leaves Nov 2013 to go on deployment for 6 months. I'll my last pre req Micro that Fall and will be ready to apply for the Spring of 2014. I have two children who will be 7 and 4 by the time the semester starts. If I wait to start in the Summer of 2014 then he will be home, but then will be gone again the following Summer 2015 (the last semester).

    Which semester is "easier" the advisor said that the classes in the first semester were easier, but you are trying to get use to everything and routine down and then the last semester the classes are harder and everything is coming together, but my kids will be in Summer camp (don't have to worry about their homework) and they will be older and I'll have a routine down. Also I'll apply with all my scores and be able to take the NAT an extra time. But my hubby will miss my graduation.

    I know I can do it either semester b/c I want to succeed so badly, I just don't want to lose my mind trying
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