What class at FIU is equivalent to A&P 1 at Broward College

  1. 0 I need help ASAP!

    I need to know what class to take at FIU that would replace my grade at Broward College for the A&P 1 class BSC 1085. I enrolled in PCB 2099 but it seems to easy!
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    Well, im looking @ my unoffical transcript on myBC account and I see that my transfer credit from FIU to BC for anatomy is PCB2099 from FIU replaced my grade for BSC1086(aka anatomy 2) but ZOO3731 (which I took also, but that replaces anatomy 1 bsc1085) but with ZOO3731 you will need an access code to apply for that class by using the email they provide when applying for the class.
    Hoped I helped you, im using my ipod so hopefully you understand what i was trying to explain to you.
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    In PCB2099 I received an A which replaced my BSC1086 grade of a C.

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