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Waiting is SO hard! LPN Lake Tech

  1. 0 My interview for Lake Technical Center's part-time LPN program was Feb. 26th, they said it'd be two weeks till I get my Yes/No letter- and guess what today marks!!! TWO WEEKS! NO LETTER! This wait is driving me crazy, especially because I'm not sure if they're sending it to my PO Box or my home address. Looks like i'll be calling to find out tomorrow which address to stalk the mail man at! Keep me in your prayers <3
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    They mail them 2 weeks after the interview, so any day now you should be getting it! Now the fun part, waiting for the mail the next couple of days!
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    I called them to find out which address, they said it was mailed yesterday, so hopefully I'll know by Friday! I really hope I don't have to wait through another weekend!
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    Glad to know I wasnt the only one calling them often to find out when they were mailing the letters!
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