USF ABSN 2nd degree Summer 2012?

  1. I'm looking for some insight about USF's 2nd degree ABSN admission statistics. I know most of the decision is based on GPA/writing sample/pre-nursing grades... but is there anyone out there with particularly distinguishing work experience (either work abroad or community health work) that feels like it gave them an advantage?

    Also, for those current USF nursing students: how are your clinicals, for the most part do you feel as though you will be able to find a job after the program at one of your rotation sites?

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  3. by   danceluver
    I am interested in the same questions asked above? Plus, I would be from out of state, is a good program worth considering? I understand the program is 4 semesters, but if you start in summer 2012, would one end in august 2013?