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Treasure Coast Nursing

  1. 0 Evening folks - I am ready to move home. I was born and raised in Vero Beach. My dad is in Vero and my sister is in PSL.

    I am looking for some perspective on the hospitals in the area. I have always worked in very small hospitals (critical access if you are familiar), but there just aren't that many small hospitals in Florida. I currently work in a 23 bed facility and love it.

    What is the best hospital from a nursing perspective in the Vero/Sebastian/Melbourne/Ft. Pierce area? I am an ER nurse, staff supervisor now with a background in OB as well.

    Thanks for your input and hope to be working there before the end of the year :-)
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    Health First all the way! Melbourne, Palm Bay, Viera and the Cape!
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    Lawnwood Regional in Ft. Pierce is a trauma hospital. Indian River medical center in vero beach is getting a new cardiac unit and has a lot of northerners as patients. my experiences as patients in both hospitals, i prefer Indian River. But you'll see more "action" at lawnwood. PSL is getting a new hospital out in tradition and Martin Memorial has many smaller urgent care type facilities in that area.