Theres no way to find a job in Florida?

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    Hello,Im a RN in the Massachusetts area tryng to relocate to Florida.I applied in several jobs but if not one thing is the other.I have 2 years of experience on ER,but recruiters hesistate the fact that is not within the past year.I have 1 year of experience on med/surge but recruiters doesn't count it because it was more than a year ago.So now Im working like a patient care coordinator but recruiters dont like it because is an outpatient clinic ,so what options I have,for how it looks NONE, Im soooo done with this,need some advice PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!! I also paid for a MDS course but withouth the experience is like have nothing I feel so hopeless.

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    I feel your pain. I went through the same thing with having a gap in work about 4 yrs ago. Try contacting Jessica at Medpro Staffing 954-332-4459. She helped me get started again. She had a contact in a Miami hospital that got me back in the rotation (so to speak). Good luck!

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