Is there a salary difference for a RN working in a nursing home or hospital?

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    Does a RN working in a nursing home's salary differ from a RN working in a hospital? Do they start off making the same amount of money?

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    This will vary from employer to employer. Best to explore salary options with all prospective employers, then deciding where to start applying first. It is probably a good bet to consider that good employers with good salaries and good benefits, may not be so easy with openings, whereas poor employers will have a high rate of turnover, with poor salaries and poor benefits, being only two reasons why.
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    In central Florida the Nursing homes pay a new RN approx. $22. hr & Hospital $18. The difference will be your benefits, hospital usually have a better package. Especially if you want to continue your education. Also your patient load, Legally in Florida you can have up to 40 residents in a Nursing home and you will have up to 4 to 7 CNA's you have to supervise.

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