Tampa Graduate Nurse/Internship Program Positions

  1. Hey all,

    I am, a new graduate nurse with some tech experience at a psych hospital. I am currently looking for new graduate nurse positions or nurse internship programs in the Tampa area. I've tried looking at the careers section on the websites for different tampa hospitals but with no luck. Any insight on where/how I can find these positions would be great!

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  3. by   kkrumm02
    I feel your pain. I myself am a new grad with two years nurse tech experience on a Telemetry floor in Cincinnati and moved down to Clearwater to be with my fiance. I have applied online, emailed, called, walked into HR offices at the major hospitals and hear one common theme "we are not hiring new grads at this time". I am becoming really frustrated and discouraged so if you have any leads in the future please let me know too!
  4. by   kkrumm02
    Just an update for anyone who is interested. After three months of long hours at the computer, countless phone calls, many trip to hospital HR departments, 4 interviews, and 1 horrible shift at a poorly run nursing home....this new grad is hired on a HOSPITAL med/surg floor in the tampa/clearwater market. I felt the need to post this because I wanted to give hope to all the other new grads out there desperate for jobs. I know that I am very fortunate. Keep in mind this company sent me many rejection letters and then they miraculously called me last week. My advice keep plugging away, be pleasant to everyone even after they tell you their not hiring, and most importantly stay positive.
  5. by   didi768
    Are you an RN kkrumm02? Can you tell me which hosp. hired you? Been trying to get into St. Joes forever as an LPN to no avail. I have zero IV experience so that sucks too. I do have med/surg experience from Minneapolis VA over 10 yrs ago, but only home health since then. Any advice?
  6. by   kkrumm02
    Yes I am an RN. I got hired at a HCA hospital after many rejection letters from them over the span of three months. I think they just send out rejection letters without even reviewing your application. I guess a computer probably sorts through looking for key words that way a recruiter doesn't have to look at every single application they receive. Anyways I would always call every place I applied to and say something like, "Hi my name is Jane Doe and I'm calling for a status update on a position I applied to on yada yada". If they don't call me back, I call and leave that message again about 3 times. If they still don't respond, I try and email the recruiter if his/her email is provided. I had a more positive response with getting replies back through email. I also replied to many positions at the same hospital, even if they rejected me previously through email. I think the recruiter may have got sick of seeing my name on her stack of applications! And I'm sure you've heard this before, consider doing an accelerated LPN to RN bridge program. Any hospital would jump at the chance to hire a nurse with as much experience as you have!
  7. by   didi768
    Aww thanks. And how do you like working there now and what dept. did you get? Wonder which LPN to RN program is best and less expensive?? I really dream anat. and phys. so that is why I am dragging my tootsies!~
  8. by   NP Sam
    (whisper) Did you try Lakeland area?
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  9. by   ADeks
    Didi768. I know the BayCare hospitals are not hiring LPN's anymore... I know there is a nursing home that is a part of BayCare/ St. Joseph's called John Knox Village.
  10. by   cateye112
    kkrumm02 - Did you get hired through the Graduate Nurse program? Just curious. I am trying to get in there at the moment. I have been looking for a position for over 3 months and I have only had one phone interview. I even had the career center at my alumni look at my resume and cover letter, which she said was very good. I don't understand what I am doing wrong but I am getting frustrated so thank you for the glimpse of hope.
  11. by   cateye112
    Great news, I got a Graduate Nurse position at a Baycare hospital (Tampa). I am so excited. It turns out that they had open positions because of recent expansions. I have heard wonderful things about them and am really looking forward to it.
  12. by   ajmichael81
    Which Baycare hospital in Tampa did you get signed up for a new grad program with?? Was it St. Joes?! I am desperately trying to find information about their upcoming new grad programs and i can not find it anywhere. Thanks in advance for any info you can spare! Congrats by the way!!
  13. by   didi768
    Congrats, great place to work I hear. Is it the actual St. Joes main hospital or somewhere else?
  14. by   cateye112
    Yes, it is St. Joseph's. They just hired 17 New Grads that were licensed. I think they will be looking again next month. I checked the Baycare site at least once a week. The position will have this title: CLINICAL NURSE RESIDENT or GRADUATE NURSE INTERNSHIP. Also, I called around, most will tell you if and when they will be posting for the new group. I don't know if you are looking at any other hospitals or not but Morton Plant just hired a group (I did not get that job obviously...but that's okay I really wanted St. Joesph's), as did other BayCare hospitals. But they usually start talking applications around the time that classes will be graduating...Dec and May. So keep watch, you may find something very soon.