Tallahassee Community College Nursing Program - Fall 2012

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    I am starting a new thread to see how many hopefuls there are out there who are trying to get into TCC's nursing program. I want to get into the fall program and I have completed all of my prerequisite courses, but I still have to take the HESI. Is there anyone who has taken the entrance exam already? How did you do? For those of you who are studying to take it by May, good luck!

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    I'm hoping for Fall 2012 admission and just took the HESI today. I scored a 96% overall, with each section over 90%, so with the bonus points believe I got 116/120. It took me about 2 hours.I was really stressed about taking it and am just so relieved it's over. I came straight home and submitted the nursing "application", so it's going to be a long wait! Good luck!
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    Great job Campo742. I will be taking the HESI test soon and don't know what to expect...can you please help
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    Campo that's an excellent score, well done! I hope to score in the 90's as well, with all the competition to get into the program I need as high of a score as i can get. Future2012 the HESI is a four section test of skills which include: Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Mathematics.
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    My daughter is applying for Fall 2012, i wonder when will they start advising who made the cut???
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    Well the deadline for the admission is May 9th i believe and they ask to allow 6 to 8 weeks before they announce who made it so late June to early July.
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    Thanks "Man"....hope you get in!!!
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    Thanks all, I spent a lot of time preparing for the HESI because I am a returning adult student and was really out of practice in math. I hadn't taken a math course since 1996! I would advise getting the Evolve study guide for the HESI. It was a great resource and it really helped a lot. I was a literature major in my previous school "life" so the vocab, grammar and RC sections were pretty easy for me. If you feel you are weak in those sections the study guide gives a lot of help in those areas as well. There were several vocab words on my test straight from that guide. Good luck!
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    Any updates guys?
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    I just finished all my pre-req's. I go this coming week to take the HESI. I have the evolove Study Guide, and so far, I feel pretty good about it. There are definitely some things I need to brush up on, but I feel pretty good about it all-in-all. My GPA is just a 3.3, so I am going to have to bust a$$ on the HESI in order to get in. Only 40 spots, you know.

    I went to the information session last month, and Diane Douglas said they already had near 300 applicants. THAT is what scares me! A perfect score is 160, so the most I can possibly get is 153 points, and that is with a PERFECT HESI score, which is NOT likely, lol. It's okay, though. I made it though Dr. Beregowitz for A&P 1 & 2, so the HESI should be a peice of cake, LOL!!!

    P.S. Good luck to everyone trying to get in!!

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