Seeking nursing job for 5 months... Still nothing

  1. Need advice..anyone knows theirs nursing job opening in cities in florida..really need help
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  3. by   FlaRN12
    Palm beach gardens has a residency in icu for new grads & Bayfront medical center in st. pete
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  4. by   luvtwilight
    Are you a new grad? And what area of Florida have you been searching? Have you looked into home health or private duty?
  5. by   Rac17
    hold on
  6. by   Preeps
    I would try Florida Hospital Orlando if you need a job. The conditions are not the best and because of this they need nurses.
  7. by   KinkyKurlyRN
    Lee memorial in Fort Myers has a new grad internship open. Only until the 5th so hop to it.
  8. by   Rac17
    thanks guys for the tips
  9. by   stevefl
    Lakeside in Orlando hires new grads, they start at $21 an hour plus shift diff. Most new grads work evening shift 3-11as 2nd nurse or as med nurse. No IVs, no O2, no pain management, no walkers, no incontinence, just lots and lots of Haldol and Ativan.
    Good luck on your job hunt.