Sarting VCC Summer 2010, anyone else? Sarting VCC Summer 2010, anyone else? | allnurses

Sarting VCC Summer 2010, anyone else?

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    I start Valencia Community College RN program this summer (2010). Just wondering if there was anyone else starting then also? I would like to get a study group or better yet support group going. I am looking forward to the program. My husband starts the advance RN track program in a couple days (he is already a paramedic). I have been looking at his books and syllibus and all I can say is WOW!!! It is going to be a lot of work.

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    Congrats...I am not in the program but I thought about going did you take the an entrance test and did you have to wait 2 semester to start (waiting list) ?
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    Yes, the enterance test I took was the NET but I think they have changed it to the TEAS now. I applied in Aug. 2009 and got accepted to the Summer May 2010 class, so yes it was a 2 semester wait for me. You can check the Valencia nursing web site and it will tell you what semester they are accepting for right now.

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    hey how long after you applied did you wait to recive an official notice of acceptance?? i applied on weds!! 3/ keep checking my atlas waiting for something ahhh