Sacred Heart NICU in Pensacola

  1. 0 I'm a NICU RN planning to move to Pensacola from Mississippi in a year or so (after I get my house sold). I've researched the hospitals there a bit, but would like some insight from the POV of nurses who've worked at Sacred Heart. Any info on the hospital's atmosphere, management attitude, NICU unit culture, patient ratios, etc...would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
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    Did you end up moving to Pensacola? I currently live in Alaska and work in the nicu here. My husband and I might end up in Pensacola by next summer so I'd love to hear about the nicu there as well as what the pay is like! Thanks!
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    Anyone have any insight on the Sacred heart NICU? Looks like we'll be arriving dec/jan, but I don't plan to start working until April as I am having a baby in December! Would love any info!

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