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RN job in miami

  1. 0 Hi, i have been a nurse since 2005. LPN form 2005-2007 and got my RN licence in2007. I have worked in long term care as LPN and worked in home health and med surg unit as RN. My assignment ended with this agency in 06/2010 and i could't find a job since then. I have been hired by lots of agencys who don't have work for me. I have been applying to lots of hospitals in miami but no luck. I have been told by some hospitals that i am underqulified since i have one year med surg experiance. I found a job with this pediatric home health agency one to one patient care which i dont mind working but they pay $18/hr with benfit. I declined the offer. It is 40% less than what i used to make and also i have been told by some people, if i accept this job, my salery for the next job is based on the $18/hr. But i am relly thinking about calling them because times are hard and I am giving up hope on. I am open to any advice.