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  1. I have several questions. I have been LPN since 2009, I worked in a hopsital, and I will be taking my RN boards in July. I like the OCala area but someone said the homes and money are not real great. They recommeneded Gainesville, but I dont know about the area. I need to know how the hospitals are around Ocala and Gainesville with Jacho, etc. Are there any hospitals around that will pay for my relocation and also some school loans I have out there. Also, if for some reason, I dont pass boards, I may move on down and work as LPN somewhere since I do have my Fl license as LPN. How is it working in the corrections places and also with agencies? Also, has anyone worked with Mollen doing immunizations in the fall?

    Thanks so much. If there is any websites I can look at that would be beneficial, please let me know.
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