Questions.... moving to Tampa in May

  1. Hi all,

    I have 1 month left of school! I currently am at Washington State University College of Nursing in the BSN program. My husband works for the Bucs so i will be relocating to downtown Tampa right after I am done in the beginning of May. I just have a couple of questions, being that I'm 3,000 miles aways I feel like I am kind of in the dark.

    1. Is the RN Residency program at ALL Children's a good place to work and what is the contract like? I am going to apply because I will be doing my practicum in peds onc, so I feel like I may have a good shot at that.

    2. Tampa General is literally a mile from where I will be living... I was wondering how hard is it to get a job there as a new grad ? Also I've been trying to find info on their residency programs, but can't find any...

    3. I'd also like any info on an residency programs around Tampa, so if anyone has any advice or info that would be great

    Thanks so much!

    Erica, SN
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  3. by   simonemyheart
    I would suggest looking at all nursing positions and not just residency programs. There are hundreds of new grads coming out every semester and only a handful of residency positions...Tampa General's residency program is not going on at the moment. All Children's only has 16 places 2x a year so it would be best to look everywhere.