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    We're a military family moving to Pensacola early next year. I'm an RN with 5 years experience (med-surg, L&D, postpartum). I would love any up-to-date info on the working conditions in the local hospitals. Info on shift diffs and prn pay. I would also love any recommendations for elementary schools (I have a child in first grade with autism). I am familiar with the area because we were stationed here back in '98. Thanks in advance. Any info would be greatly appreciated
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    I am currently an RN practicing in NC, but one of my best friends operates a wonderful travel nursing agency in the Pensacola area. If I lived in the Florida Panhandle area I would not hesitate to work for her- and what a great way to figure out which hospitals in the area are the best! You can go to for more info.

    Hope this helps!!

    God Bless!!
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    Thanks for the info! I will be sure to check the website out!
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    Oh, I forgot to mention, that my friend's husband is retired military, so she understands the whole PCS thing! Good Luck!!