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Palm Beach State College LPN Program 2013

  1. 0 Hello,
    Is there anyone that have recently applied to Palm Beach State College LPN Program and was accepted? If so, what was the points per applicant applying/accepted? I am preparing to enter the program for the summer 2013 and was calculating up my points before i put in my application and I have earned 15 points out of a total of 19 possible points.
    *I got a 91 on the TEAS exam and recieved 8 points.
    *I am a Florida Resident and recieved 1 point.
    *I have have worked as an HHA(Home Health Aide) for about 8 months and will recieve 2pts
    *I completed 3 Health Science Programs and will recieve 2 points.
    *I have also taken the SLS 1501 course and will recieve 2 points.
    15points earned/19points possible
    I havent taken the nurse pro calc but im sure to recieve a 80% or higher.
    Can anyone tell me what are my chances of getting into the program?
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    how do u like the lpn program so far

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