Nursing schools south of Tampa?

  1. Hi there. I live in Arcadia, (small town 1 1/2 hrs S of Tampa, and close to an hour from Ft. Myers and Sarasota). I currently teach but want to go back to school for nursing.....I love what I do (I teach American Sign Language) but I need to supplement my income b/c of previous student loans that I'll be paying till Jesus comes back. I also have always wanted to become a nurse but thought I didn't have what it takes. I've got enough self-esteem and want to, to go for it sooooooo I've been searching and these are the options I've found for an RN evening program: Edison College in Ft. Myers. I heard the Manatee has an evening program but they only accept people who live in Sarasota. Tampa is too far to drive every day b/c I will have to continue working here. Are there any other options around here I've missed? Has anyone gone to Edison? Any ideas or suggestions would be great.