New to the area, experienced RN looking for current info..

  1. Hi everyone... Wonder if anyone can help with any current info on hopsitals in Jax area. I relocated to St Augustine from California and I am waiting for my RN license to be endorsed to FL... meanwhile applying and researching the hospitals around here. I am only interested in ER positions and I have about 6 yrs experience as an RN (subintensive care and ER).

    I guess what I need to know is what the pay ranges are for someone with a few years of experience, rn-pt ratios, what hospitals provide GREAT health insurance benefits. I have looked at the hospitals websites and I read all the "general info" BUT I would appreciate to know more from YOUR experience, the good AND the bad!

    It is a little difficult to "network" since I know no one here beside my husband! LOL. I can't wait to start working at a good hospital and to make some new friends!

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