New here - Please, I need advice!

  1. 0 Hello,

    I'm new here and I found a lot of usefull informations in this forum.
    If there is someone from South Florida (Broward-Miami Dade) who is attending or attended Broward Community College (BCC) for RN, I would like to know more about enrolling in this program.
    I took the CPT test already(I applyed for summer term), and I was told to come back in April. How important are the scores of the CPT because I'm planning to retake it?
    Somebody has any ideea how many RN spots are available?
    There is a long waiting list?
    I heard that RN program is difficult.It would be easier to enroll in LPN first and then to continue with RN? (Any suggestions?)

    Thank you in advance,
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