New grad RN wages in Central Florida?

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    Hi, I recently graduated from nursing school and would like to relocate to FL to be closer to family. I'm moving from WA where a new grad RN starts at around $27/hr. Can anyone tell me if the starting wage is close in FL?

    I'm looking to relocate to Winter Park or the Tampa area.


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    Central Florida wages for a new grad with a BSN is about $21.50. Then differentials are about $6 for nights and addition $2-3 weekends. Hopes this helps. FYI make sure you have a job inline before relocating, RN jobs in FL are very hard to get into as a new grad, I'm going through this issue now after being laid off from a hospital because of hospital budget cuts and I was only able to get 6 months experience still leaving me as a new grad technically :-( Good luck

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