Moving to Coral Springs--need info on hospitals Moving to Coral Springs--need info on hospitals | allnurses

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Moving to Coral Springs--need info on hospitals

  1. 0 Hi. I am moving to Coral Springs this summer from Missouri (aka Misery). My brother lives in C.S. and has been trying to talk me into moving for over a year. After visiting last month and then coming back home to below zero temps and 9 inches of snow last week, I easily made up my mind! I am looking for info on Coral Springs Med Ctr and Northwest Med Ctr in Margate, or any other local hospital. I currently work in a level III NICU at an HCA hospital, so transferring to NW is a possibility. By the time I move, I will have abt 9 months of NICU exp. My other areas of preference would be Peds, ER, OR, or some sort of outpt area. I'm not so crazy about floor nursing. Also, if anyone has any thoughts about starting out as a travel nurse to scope out the area, I'd appreciate that as well. I do however have a 4 yr old and one on the way (due in early May), so I'm not sure how traveling would work out with insurance...Thanks for any advice!