Miami Children's- when does new grad residency start?

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    I called the recruiter at Miami Children's hospital today to ask if they hire new grads. She said they'll accept and application and hold onto it until the new grad pools starts but she said she didn't know when it would start.

    My question is for anyone who was hired as a new grad in the past year or 2, when did the program start? Are we talking spring or fall.... trying to decide if it's worth applying since i'm not waiting till fall for a job, I need something now.

    Also, what is the salary for a new grad at MCH? (please don't tell me to look on it's not accurate)


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    Idk honey I asked the same question and got the same sender with an attitude. I know an old friend said they started at $23/hr.
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    Hey girl! I sent an e-mail for more information. The person that e-mailed me back said that GNs can apply to ANY job and you will automatically be put into their residency program. She said that there isn't an application for it. Hope this helps! (I am in the same boat with yOU!)

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