Lake Tech LPN Program 2013 P/T Interview

  1. I've been waiting to get in to Lake Tech's LPN program for so long now! I am a CNA working in retail, at the moment. I've already taken my TEAS exam and received my letter to go in for an interview. I'M SO NERVOUS! This is the only LPN program near me so it is crucial that I get in! From what I've read, I take it they've chosen around 60 people for an interview and will only be accepting 24ish?!?! Has anyone been through the interview process with any words of advice? Thanks!
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  3. by   rachel8908
    Hi, I am starting the full time evening program March 14. My advice for the interview would be:
    Dress Nice, as if you are interviewing for a job.
    Arrive about 15 mins early
    Be calm, my interview was with the Health Science chairperson, and the evening instructor.
    Know why you want to be a nurse and why you are choosing the school for other reasons than the closest one you could find.
  4. by   karleeek1992
    Thank you so much! I think it went really well! I was pretty surprised actually, I'm glad I came to Allnurses because I was SUPER prepared!