Jacksonville nursing programs

  1. I am currently active duty in the coast guard and working on finishing my AA and prerequisites for nursing. I am originally from Ohio so I am unfamiliar with the schools in Jacksonville. I am planning on applying to Jacksonville University, University of North Florida and FSCJ for the Summer 2015 semester. I wanted to know if anyone could give me any information on the three schools of if one is stronger than the other, schools reputation of their program, etc. Thanks!
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  3. by   Lsump050
    I'm trying to get into JU now. I had my interview last week. It wasn't as hard as I imagine. UNF is very competitive. You have to have a really good score on you teas and a solid GPA. They have numerous applicants who apply term. I didn't apply at FSCJ yet due to the fact you have to start out they the ADN program then apply for you BSN. I'm really hoping I hear good news. So why are you choosing Jacksonville?
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    I'm ending my enlistment in 2015 and planning on staying in Jacksonville.