I PASSED NCLEX!!!!  I am a nurse (RN) !!!!! I PASSED NCLEX!!!! I am a nurse (RN) !!!!! | allnurses

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I PASSED NCLEX!!!! I am a nurse (RN) !!!!!

  1. 2 I rescheduled my NCLEX.....I moved my test date up because I just wanted it over. I took the NCLEX yesterday morning.....and PASSED!!! It shut off at 75 questions!!!! I'm so beyond excited. Now I have to wait for State of Florida BON to issue my license number so I can get a job.
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    congrats! im applying For florida nclex... hope i can get an ATT cuz im a foreign BSN graduate :P
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    CONGRATS!!! I am hoping to have this same post next year!!!!!!! This post will be a reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that it's not a train!