Hope for New grads in the Tampa area!

  1. I just wanted to let you all know, there is hope out there. I just got a job in the bay area with no experience! Just be persistent and nail those interviews!
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  3. by   haimyem
    May I ask where you got a job? With so many nursing schools around here I hear it's quite a competition.
  4. by   ProudStudent
    Congratulations! I know of 2 people from one graduating class that was recently hired at a hospital in the area -no experience. There IS hope =)
  5. by   crstory4
    Which hospitals in the area are hiring new grads? Is it through a residency program or are you just applying to all positions at the hospitals. I am in Bradenton and thinking about making the commute across 275, if I know there are jobs for new grads.