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  1. To be a home and personal care provider company in FL do we have to:

    1. meet not only Medicaid, but also Medicare eligibility criteria. Is that correct and where can we find these eligibility criteria?
    2. Individual aides independently contracted by our agency do not require individual Medicaid Provider numbers and can work under our agency's provider number? Is this correct?

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  3. by   yfloridanurse
    Ok you will benefit by going to the Agency for Healthcare Administration page, and look into healthcare organizations home Health Agency and you will find the rquirements and link to Medicare and Medicaid requirements, right now after July, 2008 there were new regulations in place where to open a Home Care Agency you need to get Joint comission accreditation as well to get licensed and deemed to get Medicare/Medicaid Certification.
    Go to myflorida.com and look fo the AHCA link. Hope this helps.