Hiring RN's in Tampa Bay area?

  1. Does anyone know if the hospitals in the Tampa Bay area are hiring RN's? Hiring new grad RN's? I am graduating in July and am thinking about moving to the St. Pete's/ Palmetto/ Bradenton/ Tampa area -- is there a hiring freeze or are Hospitals hiring?

    Thank you so much for any help or any opinions on living in this area or good areas to live that are reasonably priced (houses for 150-200K).

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  3. by   ADeks
    Have you looked at BayCare? This is usually the time they start posting nurse residency for new nurses on their job boards.
  4. by   Idaho Murse
    This seems to be my delemma, I can find a ton of jobs in FL. However, they all want one year experience. Rather frustrating, how do we get that experience if no one will give us that experience. Oh well. ATDeckSN, I saw on the baycare website they list a critical care residency but no information on it. Are you familiar with this at all?
    Thanks in advance
  5. by   germanshep
    I just posted a new thread that Manatee Memorial is hiring new grads. They posted 4 positions for RN 1. Apply ASAP!!! Good luck
  6. by   showe2
    Do you have website? Is there more than one Baycare?