Galen Nursing school 2010

  1. 0 I got accepted into Galen and start May 17th 2010, would love to hear from people who have gone there, currently go there and how their experience is like and who else will start May 17th??? Anyone else commuting from Tampa??
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    I start May 17th too.. Actually I have been at Galen for 1 qtr - I did not pass CPE's the first time round so am retaking Fundamentals so will be in your class most of the time.. and I love it!! The staff - teachers and students!! I heard our class is pretty big - looking forward to meeting everyone....
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    I am sorry to hear that you didnt past the CPE's, but glad that you are giving it another are going to do great. Work hard for it and you will get it. I am glad to hear that you love the teachers and staff. I look forward to metting yall too, orientation for me is the 12th!

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