FSCJ Chem Prereq

  1. Hey everyone! I am just a few classes away from being ready to apply for the program, but I have a question that no one on campus seems to be able to answer. Which of the three CHM courses is the correct one? CHM1020, CHM1025C, CHM1032C are all intro level courses but none of the faculty seem to know which course is the right one to take. Help!!!
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  3. by   K nurse-one-day
    any of them. as long as it has a lab then it doesnt matter
  4. by   chelleyvaughn
    I don't think CHM1020 has a lab since it has an all online option. I only need it as a prereq for MCB2010C but I've been told so many different things by people that I am just not sure. I did email the admissions adviser for the program, hopefully she'll get back to me. I'd hate to take the wrong one and classes start on Monday. :uhoh21: