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florida BON

  1. 0 I took my nclex on Sept 30th and the results have not posted on pearson yet however someone told me that I could look for it on the FL DOH online and it would say name. Is that true? See I took the nclex pn and I ran out of time and had 193 questions so I am just going crazy. I just wanted to vent thanks
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    Oh, bless yer heart! I totally understand. Here's the website. Just fill out the info and hit the enter button. If you have a license, it should come up. (Don't forget to print a copy of the page for your records! )

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    Thank you so much I checked to day and found out that I PASSED!!!!!!
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    Quote from mc30
    Thank you so much I checked to day and found out that I PASSED!!!!!!

    yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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