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    continuing ed requirement for licensure:
    how many contact hours do i need to renew my license?
    a: you must earn one contact hour for every month of your licensure cycle, including one hour on hiv/aids, plus one hour on domestic violence. both the hiv/aids and the domestic violence courses must be from a florida-approved provider.

    approved providers list: www.cebroker.com

    continuing education information for providers and licensees

    intervention project for nurses

    petitions for declaratory statement and for variance and waiver
    legal remedies that you may not be aware of are available to you to help solve some problems that may arise in your professional life. this article describes two remedies that you don’t need a lawyer to petition for.

    petition for declaratory statement
    sometimes nurses find themselves in the position of asking, “can i, as a florida-licensed nurse, do x?” or “if i do y, do i run the risk of disciplinary action by the state?” rather than simply run the risk and incur the attendant anxiety, you can file a petition for declaratory statement with the board of nursing ahead of time.
    petitions for declaratory statement are governed by section 120.565 of the florida statutes (which is available on-line at http:\\www.leg.state.fl.us http://www.doh.state.fl.us/mqa/images/new_window.gif ), and by chapter 28-105 of the florida administrative code (which is available on-line at http:\\fac.dos.state.fl.us http://www.doh.state.fl.us/mqa/images/new_window.gif ). you should also read chapter 464, florida statutes, and chapter 64b9, florida administrative code (these are the laws that govern all florida-licensed nurses), and identify the specific statute(s) and/or rule(s) that you believe may cause you legal trouble if you pursue your planned course of action.

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