Fl Bon- how long does it take

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    Hi all....I took my boards yesterday afternoon and have been feverishly checking the fl Bon website for exam results. It has officially been 24 hours. Any idea on how long it takes for updates??

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    I was told that it could take at least a week or more for the BON to post results. I haven't taken my boards yet but that is what I heard.
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    I did the reregistration trick on PearsonVue, as did many other classmates, and it works every time. If it won't let you pay after attempting to reregister, you passed. If it lets you pay...get to studying. The state had my license searchable within 3-4 days. Good luck!
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    I took my boards Saturday June 30th and by Monday July 2nd my LPN license was posted. Good luck to you in your new career.

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