Every shift is a fresh start

  1. So after my recent anxiety episode, I had the chance to relax over the weekend. Monday was my next day back to work and I must say it was really a GREAT day for me. They say nursing is an on-going learning field and I've came to realize that it is definitely true. As a new RN grad, working with a lot of experienced LPNs I felt kind of intimidated because they know stuff that I don't quite know yet. However, just because you have the license to do something does not mean you should do it if your not skilled for that specific procedure! Duh! It takes time and experience to really grasp the clinical aspect of nursing and I'm loving every bit of it... I'm so glad I got over my "new grad" anxiety... I L.O.V.E. this nurses forum because it really does help me sort my feelings to people I know that would truly understand where I'm coming from...
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