Delray New RN Grad Residency Program & Panel Interview

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    I'm inteviewing wiht Delray Medical Center for their NEW RN GRAD RESIDENCY PROGRAM. It is supposed to be a panel interview with 12 people (directors) and 3 new grads. Does anyone have any advice on how it works and what type of questions I should expect?

    Also, has anyone completed their NEW RN GRAD RESIDENCY PROGRAM? How was it?

    Thank you!
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    I have been reading about the nursing interviews and what are the questions which are commonly asked in the interviews.
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    When is your interview scheduled for?
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    Had my inteview last week. Have you been thru DelRay's New Grad Program?
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    no, waiting for it to begin
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    Well, I didn't pass the second interview. Did they offer you a job?
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    Hi FLRN12 .... I can't send private message yet due to new policy sorry.
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    Can any one of you guys please tell me about DMC and their interview process. I have read some of the comments/warnings but wanted some more info about their hiring process. Thanks in advance.
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    Has anybody interviewed at Bethesda East or West yet?

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