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concorde in jacksonville

  1. 0 I am lookin into goin to concorde in jacksonville, fl to get there anyone tht knows about the school or can giv me som feedback
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    I'm also starting at Concorde, but in North Hollywood, CA. I'm anxious, tomorrow will be my first day. My friend was a Concorde VN graduate and she's a RN now. If you haven't already you would need to take the TEAS V test to get in and past with a minimum of a 46% which is sooo easy. The program in CA is only 13 months which I know will just fly by. The staff at Concorde is helpful, too. I'm sure they can fill you in. Hope this helps. Take care.
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    I start in jacksonville fl on april 1. Im so excited. I love the college and the people. Its going to be fun

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    What accreditations does this Skool have for bridging rn program?
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    How are things going for you? I am starting in September and wanted to know what to expect. Thanks