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  1. 0 Hi! After I finish RN school in August, my family and I are planning on moving to the area. I'm thinking of getting into psychiatric nursing. Do any of you know any good facilities? And, maybe the not so good ones?

    Thanks for input. You can PM me if you do not want to give any info over the net.
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    #1 Bayside part of Sarasota Memorial Hospital
    #2 Manatee Glens
    #3 Manatee Memorial

    I would apply at Bayside
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    Thank you.

    I really wanted to apply at SMH anyway. I like the idea of working for such a large hospital because of all the potential career paths that I can take.

    Is Bayside a long term, short stay, or geared towards both? Also, is it child, adolescent and adult psych?