Bethesda Memorial Hospital New Grad Telemetry Program

  1. Does anyone know anything about the new grad telemetry program at Bethesda Memorial in Boynton Beach? I'm thinking about applying.

    Two years seems like a long commitment for only 12 weeks of training though. Other new grad programs that make you stay that long are typically 6 months or so. What is the total cost of the training? If you leave before then, do they make you pay it all back or does the amount you owe decrease the longer you stay there?
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  3. by   FoodieJ
    Im pretty sure hey pro rate the amount you owe, based on how long you were there if you leave, at least thats what other hospitals in the area do.
    It is a bit short comparing some other nearby places, and they start later too i heard, i think the next one is in march or april.