Best Tenet Hospital in Florida

  1. So I'm currently working at Delray Medical Center. The ratio for all the floors units is 8:1 at nights (I prefer night shift). Most of the nurses on my unit are unhappy. They want to leave but can't they signed 3 year commitment contract. We are very understaffed and the turnover rate is high on my unit. Management has to hire travel RNs. The travel nurses all advised me to not take a job on my unit as a new grad RN bc they find it to be unorganized and unsafe. Anyway, I plan to transfer to another Tenet facility. I need help with making a choice.

    Which Tenet facility is actually better? Are all the floor unit ratios 8:1 at night?
    Other Tenet facilities include:
    • Broward Specialty Surgery Center
    • Coral Gables Hospital
    • Florida Medical Center
    • Good Samaritan Medical Center
    • Hialeah Hospital
    • North Shore Medical Center
    • Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center
    • Palmetto General Hospital
    • Saint Mary's Medical Center
    • West Boca Medical Center

    I know the ratios are better on a step down/ICU unit. But bc I lack experience I don't feel confident starting off on those units.

    I need advice guys ASAP :/

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  3. by   doune
    how about transferring to another floor such as icu, pacu or endo.
  4. by   nocturnallife
    I'm actually interested in working in pacu/endo. The new grad program at delray already started so my only option is to tranfer to another tenet facility.
  5. by   doune
    how about West Boca since it is located in "Boca Raton" maybe it might be better. even though i hear most of people in boca prefer to go to the east one.
  6. by   nocturnallife
    I was told by a nurse that works at wbmc that the conditions are the same. I would apply to boca regional however my gpa doesn't meet the requirement for their new grad program. But I've heard nothing but good things about them.
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  7. by   AngelRN27
    Well, while it seems a little far, I have friends that work at Coral Gables Hospital and it's my understanding that their ratio on the floor is 6:1. This is in the med-surg area. I think this is completely doable. I currently work in LTACH and our ratio is also 6:1 with ventilators and trachs. Though it's a lot of work, it can be done. So 6 walkie-talkie's on a couple of acute care meds doesn't sound crazy to me :shrug: