Anyone working at Shands@Univ. of FL in Gainesville?

  1. 0 Hi everyone - Wonder if anyone out there is working at Shands @ Univ. of FL (in Gainesville), and maybe even, specifically the NICU?

    I am an RN currently working in a Level III NICU in SC, and am planning on moving to the Ocala/Gainesville area in a couple of years, to be closer to family (who are around Dunnellon).

    Wondering how working conditions are there (pay, benefits, pt:nurse ratio, etc.), plus how you like living in the area. Hopefully there will be an opening in NICU when I am ready to move. I LOVE MY BABIES - wouldn't DREAM of doing any other kind of nursing.

    Any suggestions/ideas/input you may have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time!
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