Anyone Trying To Get Into Atlantic, Sheridan, or Mcfatter 2012-2013? Anyone Trying To Get Into Atlantic, Sheridan, or Mcfatter 2012-2013? - pg.8 | allnurses

Anyone Trying To Get Into Atlantic, Sheridan, or Mcfatter 2012-2013? - page 8

In broward county? Or am I the only one? I see the last thread on either one of these schools was from 2011. I'm trying to get into mcfatter for Novembers start date. Orientation was supposed to be... Read More

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    Quote from MrsCordero04
    Lol no girl, its 7 - 330 lol LONGERA THAN MC FATTER because they dont have school on fridays so its more strict and fast pace
    Oh lord! Lol!! Well that sucks. But I guess the plus is no Fridays. But that's a full day! Geez!
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    I thought Mcfatter hours were the same? what are the hours at mcfatter?
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    Quote from LegacyJS
    I thought Mcfatter hours were the same? what are the hours at mcfatter?
    8-2:30 I believe.
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    Yea mcfqtter is 8-230 m-f sheridan and atlantic are 7-330 m-th
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    I guess it's just a waiting game for us huh? Legacy did you hear anything? You applied before us. I wonder when Atlantic is gonna start letting people know they've been accepted.
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    Nothing yet. I'll try calling tomorrow to see if they have all my paperwork.
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    hey i called mcfatter yesterday to ask when they will be sending letters. she said they have an orientation today(28) (orientation for the people ALREADY accepted) and if people don't show up then they start going down the waiting list. she said if i don't hear anything by the 15 to call. so i guess I'm hoping none showed up today lol
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    Called Atlantic. Expect to see acceptance letters late October early November. I asked why I wasn't called my mrs. S and she said its not time for that part yet.
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    Hmm really? Well I'm confused, well i'm just more confused lol. They called me today to tell me that they were finally able to evaluate my transcript and i will be in the November class as long as they have the space. They will call me if the space becomes available. I won't know for sure until last minute, because of some courses i took before i'll skip block one. IDk i guess i'll take it one day at a time.
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    When you called mcfatter what department/person did you speak?
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    Crossing my fingers for atlantic!! And I called and asked for the medical offixe secretary thats who has our folders and whos in chargeof everything
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    ok. Thats who i spoke to as well. I guess i just have to wait.
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    So decided to go into sgeridan and turn in my paperwork in case something happens with Atlantic. *sigh* I don't know why I keep wasting my time with them. I guess cause it's closer to my house. Anywho, went to talk to the PN counselor. You have to jump through more hoops and spend more money.

    First of all I turned in my physical to her. (A copy of mcaffters.) She says theirs is 'outdated' and that they require a 2 step PPD. After the first you have to go back and get a second PPD 1-3 weeks later. So my physical won't be accepted till that's done. Also your physical and health paperwork has to be signed by the Nursing head herself and looked over by her before turning in.

    She also asked me if I took core classes yet. I said no, but I'm a CNA. Again. she said she doesn't know if they'll accept that and I have to ask the department head if that's ok. If not, I believe that has to be completed before you start the program. But not to turn in the packet.

    She thought I was a single parent, (I look young) and I told her I was married. Because she was trying to say if you don't have help you're ish out of luck. She says "What are you gonna do about her?" Pointing to my daughter cause I brought her with me. I said me and my husband are discussing it. So she told me about the daycare they have their on campus that I signed my daughter up for. There's a LONG waiting list but it's only $50 a week which is cheap.

    The counselor said are you sure about this? You know you're not going to have a life for a year right? You're signing your life over you know that right? She said the SAME thing in orientation. "You don't have to be a nurse! There are other health careers out there. Not everyone can handle it. Just because so and so says you should be a nurse doesn't mean you should. It's intense and it's not easy!" She was a mess. Anyway just giving my little update