Any thoughts on the new Remington nursing school in Orlando?

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    Is anyone able to comment as of yet? They are scheduled for their first onsite accreditation inspection in November 2009.
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    Is there a reason you are asking about this specific site?
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    did you get any answer to this? i know its a fairly new school so it may be hard but i am interested as well
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    As am I. I am going on Monday to look at the school but any feedback about it would be nice to hear!
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    Remington was granted CCNE accreditation earlier this year, and there are some threads on here with varied commentary about the school. Some say it's too expensive a program for what it is worth while others applaud the school. I had one of these threads in my subscription list, here it is:
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    I heard it a ****** place as far as nursing school goes.

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