Any Daytona State Students.... what's it like? Any Daytona State Students.... what's it like? | allnurses

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Any Daytona State Students.... what's it like?

  1. 0 I applied to the Daytona State LPN Program and I am waiting to hear the news... Curious, What is the program like? How were your professors? Are there any suggestions for newbies? Please share your experiences, what your accepted GPA'a and TeasV test scores were, as well as how long you had to wait before you got the news you were in or not? Sorry about so many questions. I like being prepared. Besides....the waiting is killing me!
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    If anyone can answer the same questions on the Daytona State College RN Program, that would be great! I am waiting for my decision about Fall 2012 too!
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    Good Luck, fldobielover!
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    Guess I will find out soon my happy letter today!
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    How is the nursing program?? Any tips or insight?? I will be starting the RN program this fall.