2016 UF Accelerated BSN Jacksonville

  1. Just thought I would start a thread for the new program in Jacksonville! ๐Ÿ˜Š
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  3. by   Nursingstudent1014
    Did anyone apply?
  4. by   GatorNurse136
    I did! I was so excited to learn about the new Jacksonville location!
  5. by   Nursingstudent1014
    Me too! I'm so glad we have another option other than unf in Jax!
  6. by   GatorNurse136
    Where else did you/are you applying?
  7. by   Nursingstudent1014
    UNF and UF! I can't wait to start my career as a nurse so I hope I get in. (:
  8. by   Nursingstudent1014
    What about you?
  9. by   GatorNurse136
    UF, JU, UNF, and UCF... and then FSCJ as a back up!
  10. by   Nursingstudent1014
    Which school is your first choice? I hope we all get in (:
  11. by   Back2flfuturenurse
    I also applied! Has anyone's application been verified on Nursingcas?
  12. by   Nursingstudent1014
    Where do you see that on NursingCAS?
  13. by   Back2flfuturenurse
    Quote from Nursingstudent1014
    Where do you see that on NursingCAS?

    If you click on 'manage programs' then go to the UF app and then select the 'program status' tab at the top of the page.
  14. by   Nursingstudent1014
    Thank you! I looked and it says verifying! (: